Ambon the pearly white city

Ambon Island- Tourism and Attraction

Ambon the beauty from small island

Ambon island or Ambong in the local language is the capital and largest city of Maluku Province.

The city that stands in the south of Ambon Island.

We can called Ambon tourism in Maluku is the pearly white from the East.

There are many places in Eastern Indonesia.

That have extraordinary tourism potential. One of them is Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

Why Ambon is interesting place to visit?

Ambon actually is the name of a city .

But for Indonesians, Ambon also shows the entity.

As one of the tribes in Indonesia who came from Maluku.

The city dubbed “Ambon Manise” or the sweet Ambon.

This city have a myriad of unique and charming tourist destinations.

Tourism in Ambon are no less when compared to well-known destinations.

Such as Bali or Yogyakarta.

Well, if you are planning a vacation to Ambon island

Here are the recommendations for the most popular tourist attractions that you must visit.

1.Ambon Island- Tourism and Attraction Pintu kota Beach

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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Pintu Kota Beach is located in Airlouw Hamlet.

This beach is about 45 kilometers from the center of Ambon City.

The uniqueness of this beach is a perforated coral shaped like a gate or door.

From this perforated reef, you can see the stunning view of the Banda sea.

2. Ambon Island- Tourism and AttractionSantai beach

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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As the name implies.

Santai Beach offers a calm atmosphere and away from the crowds

Santai Beach is blessed with beautiful white sand and clean sea water.

The underwater beauty is also a winner

To enjoy the underwater beauty at Santai Beach,

You can try snorkling or diving.

3. Ora Beach

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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One of the coastal tourist destinations near Ambon island

Which is quite famous to foreign countries is Ora Beach.

This beach is directly opposite the Pacific Ocean.

The sand is fine white and the sea water is spotless.

This beach is located on Seram Island central Maluku.

From Ambon to Ora Beach it takes quite a long time.

Maybe about 4 hours

But when you arrive at your destination.

You will forget your fatigue.

4. Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east-Molana Island

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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The white sand is spotless and smooth.

The sea water has a color gradation that is so stunning.

Molana Island can be accessed by fast boat from Tulehu Harbor to Saparua

5. Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east-Namalatu Beach

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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Namalatu Beach is located in Latuhalat Village Ambon City

This beach is only about 15 kilometers from Ambon City.

Not only does it offer beauty.

You can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities on this beach.

Such as snorkeling and diving or if you want to fishing.

you can getting around by boat.

6. Fort Amsterdam

Ambon tourism in Maluku the pearly white from the east

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Fort Amsterdam is a Dutch heritage.

Which is located on the border between Hila Country and Kaitetu Country.

Leihitu District Central Maluku Regency

This fort has existed since 1637.

Even though it was hit by an earthquake and tsunami.

Amsterdam Fort still stands today.

The unique building makes this fort attractive and Instagramable.

7. Ferangi Fortress

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Besides Amsterdam Fort Ambon city also has another fort.

namely Ferangi Fort.

If Fort Amsterdam is a relic of the Dutch.

Fort Ferangi was built during the Portuguese colonial period around 1575.

This historical place which has another name for Victoria Fort.

Is a silent witness to the forerunner of the formation of Ambon City.

Since being abandoned by the Portuguese and the Dutch.

The people began to occupy the surroundings of this old building in groups.

Fort Ferangi itself is located in Sirimau District.

The center of Ambon City.

In this fort there is also a statue of Christina Martha Tiahahu.

A female hero of Indonesian independence from Maluku.

8. Makariki Cliffs

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Makariki Cliff is located on Seram Island.

Laimu Village Tehoru District Central Maluku.

Makariki Cliff is often called as a “hidden paradise“.

Because the location is quite remote and has steep road access.

This cliff has a natural panorama that looks so charming.

The water is so clear and the air is so fresh make you comfort.

9. Siwalima Museum

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Last but not least

The Siwalima Museum is located in the Taman Makmur area.

Amahusu Village Nusaniwe District Ambon city

In this museum  you can see many collections about culture.

As well as historical relics related to Ambon and the Maluku Islands.

Well, those are some tourist destinations that you can include in your holiday bucket list to Ambon.

Where do you want to go first?

Concidering you only have 30 days in Indonesia

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