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The Best and Most Affordable Hostel in Yogyakarta

 The best and most affordable hostel in Yogyakarta

The Best and most affordable hostel in Yogyakarta

“Yogyakarta is not just a destination

Yogyakarta is not only about holidays

but Yogyakarta is home

Home to find the meaning of life and happiness

there are many dances and songs, paintings and beauty

Yogyakarta is your home”

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

Best and affordable hostel in Yogyakarta- Indonesia offers a lot of beauty and hospitality, there are many places that offer but Yogyakarta is something different

Now is the right time to visit Indonesia and of course, you can’t miss Yogyakarta

The best and most affordable hostel in Yogyakarta is what you have to look for

Today I will provide information on the best and affordable hostel in Yogyakarta

1. Laura Backpacker 532

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

This hostel offers a lot of fun and friendship

The interior design is very cool and brightly colored

Laura, she is the owner of this hostel is a friendly and fun girl

he is also a member of Couchsurfing (community traveler)

so she will definitely give you references of interesting places for you to visit while in Yogyakarta

this hostel is also not expensive and the location is very close to downtown so it will make all your travel plans easy

Address: Gg. Hansip Karno Waluyo No.523, Tegal Panggung, Kec. Danurejan, Yogyakarta

Rate/night: $10- $15

2. Wanderloaft Hostel

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

located on Tirtodipuran street, this hostel offers comfort and convenience also the staff are very friendly

The location is also close to nightlife spots and it’s very easy to find a fun place to eat and hang out with your friends

If you want to go to the beach it only takes 30 minutes to reach the legendary Parangtritis beach

Rate/night: $10-$15

3. Duta GuestHouse

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

The location of Duta Guest House in the middle of a tourist village makes this lodging place in great demand by tourists.

Moreover, this guest house offers a variety of facilities that will make guests feel comfortable while staying.

Regarding rooms, this inn offers various types of rooms that can be adjusted to your budget.

If you want to save your budget for lodging, you can choose an economical room and share toilet facilities with other guests.

But, if you have an excess budget, you can choose a room with a bathroom and air conditioning.

All the rooms here are quite spacious, so you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped.

Each room is also equipped with chairs in the terrace area and is served with a view that makes it so comfortable.

Address: Jl. Prawirotaman No.26, Brontokusuman, Kec. Mergangsan, Kota Yogyakarta

Rate/night: $20-$25

4. Java Villas

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

Colonial-style buildings exposed to bricks will greet you when you first arrive here.

The classic and antique impression combined with the traditional nuances of Jogja is immediately felt when you step into the lobby area.

This is of course, because of the furniture and wall hangings in the lobby area and the beautiful batik-patterned ceramics.

You will also find this ceramic in the room, do you like to capture photos of your feet with a beautiful floor background?

By the way, this hotel also has a large swimming pool.

Address: Jl. Gerilya No.460, ( Prawirotaman 3 ) Brontokusuman, Kec. Mergangsan, Kota Yogyakarta

Rate/night: $30-$50

5. Otu Hostel by Ostic

7 Best and cheap hostel in Yogyakarta

What do you need most when choosing to lodge while on vacation?

Of course comfortable rooms, complete facilities, and low prices, right?

Here you will find the complete package,

even Otu Hostel has prepared a variety of surprises that will welcome you to your room. Curious?

For those of you who need a little privacy, you can choose a private room type for two people with a separate bathroom.

When you enter the room, you can immediately enjoy the 3D mural which will certainly look attractive when it becomes the background of your photo.

Need fun entertainment in the room? Try choosing the Fun Bed Dorm which has a small slide in it,

you can be satisfied playing and laughing with other guests

Address: Jl. Prawiro Taman I Gg. Batik Gringsing No.517, Brontokusuman, Kec. Mergangsan,Yogyakarta

Rate/night: $12

6. De Hostel

From the outside, its hostel looks ordinary also minimalist.

and the walls featuring a rustic-style brick arrangement, this hostel displays a timeless aesthetic.

When you come in, you’ll find a touch of creativity in the rooms and it makes this hostel look more artistic.

When you come to the room, you will find a big animal-themed painting that adorns the walls of the room.

The images also vary from turtles to fish.

Wooden furniture such as beds and wardrobes make the room feel more classic.

Address: Jl. Prawirotaman Gg. Batik Gringsing No.1

Rate/night: $ 12

7. Pojok Pas Hostel

If you find a place to stay that is comfortable, exclusive, but still pocket-friendly, you can choose Pojok Pas Guest House while on vacation to Yogyakarta.

Staying here, you are like being at home.

It only has four rooms, making this inn feel more exclusive.

Although the size is not too big when compared to other guest houses, the facilities provided here are quite complete.

Uniquely, here you will not find a television in the room.

This is deliberately arranged in such a way that guests can spend more time socializing with other guests rather than locking themselves in their rooms while watching television.

Address : Gg. Batik Gringsing No.514C, Brontokusuman, Kec. Mergangsan,Yogyakarta

Rate/night: $ 12

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