10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

10 days in Indonesia, what should you do?

10 days in Indonesia

What about if you only have 10 days in Indonesia? should you pack an entire week’s worth of activities or just a few highlights?

This is where the 10-day Indonesia travel guide ones in handy

You can combine multiple destinations in one trip without worrying about missing anything

it’s aimed at independent travelers who want to make the most of their time without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Continue reading for a list of activities and recommended itineraries to help you make the most of your time in

The best time to visit Indonesia is between the months of June and September when the weather is warm and the humidity is low

While the wet season runs from May to October when it’s hot and  humid with frequent rain storm and typhoons

the climate here is tropical year-round with two seasons-wet and dry

choose a combination of one city and two popular beach destinations to make the most of your time and get a true taste of Indonesia diversity’s most of your time in Indonesia

Java island or Bali island?

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

a lot of people get confused over which island they should visit first

how ever it’s quite easy to tell by appearance…they’re both beautiful islands with different landscapes, cultures, and attractions to explore

So it depends on what are you looking for

5 days on Java island and 5 days in Bali, is it possible?

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

Yes, of course, it’s possible but you can’t be satisfied enjoying everything.

So for your first visit to Indonesia, I suggest that you spend your 10 days only on Java Island

Why? Because Bali island is so touristic and you can visit Bali anytime you want

But you will be more satisfied enjoying many things on the island of Java, although not all of them

The island of Java is huge and the distance from one tourist spot to another is quite far

Day 1 – Jakarta

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

Arrive at Jakarta international airport and transfer to the hotel

on the first day, you can explore and enjoy the city of Jakarta

You can visit the national monument ( Monas ) or just relax around the Jalan Jaksa

The area is famous as a gathering place for travelers from all over the world when they first landed in Jakarta

In that area, there are many hostels, hotels, and cafes for travelers.

Day 2 – Bandung- West Java

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas


On the second day, you have to leave in the morning for the city of Bandung, West Java because the trip takes 3-4 hours so you can manage your time effectively

you can go by train

economy class ticket price IDR 90,000

executive IDR 125,000

I assume you arrive in Bandung at noon or lunchtime

you can go to the nearest hotel from the train station http://tiny.cc/3t83vz

very strategically located because it is in the city center and so close to the train station

You can stay for 2 days in Bandung

the spot that must be visited is Lembang, a plateau to the north of the city of Bandung

or you can go to the Kawah Putih ( White crater ) to the south

But you only choose either north or south because the location is far away and the traffic is congested

Day 3: Heading to Yogyakarta

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

on the 3rd day, you leave in the morning for the city of Yogyakarta

You can order the Lodaya train to Yogyakarta

ticket prices between IDR 250-300 thousand

the train departs at 8.30 am and reaches the city of Yogyakarta at around 16.00 pm

then you can go straight to the hotel, btw I suggest you stay around Prawirotaman street because that area is downtown, only 30 minutes to Parangtrits beach, and the nightlife is awesome.

there are many cool hotels such Java vilagge==>http://tiny.cc/3u83vz

Day 4- Prambanan Temple

10 days in Indonesia itenerary and best ideas

On day 4 you can visit Prambanan temple which is about 17 km from your location to the east.

One of the reasons why I recommend you to stay around Jalan Prawirotaman is the easy access to transportation

You can rent a motorbike for a price range between IDR 80,000-IDR 100,000

Or you can use public bus transportation, namely Trans Jogja with a ticket price of IDR 3500

You can leave in the morning around 9 am

After being satisfied with seeing the Prambanan temple, on your way home, stop by Malioboro Street

This road is very famous in Yogyakarta, all tourists who visit Yogyakarta will definitely visit this place because it is an interesting tourist spot

Day 5 – City tour

On day 5, you go to the Yogyakarta palace and enjoy Javanese culture.

You can enjoy Javanese dance performances or enjoy Yogyakarta’s special culinary delights

At 00.00 you leave for the Dieng plateau with the tour operator

The trip from Yogyakarta to the Dieng plateau is about 3 hours

So on the 6th day early in the morning, you are already in the Dieng plateau

Day 6- Dieng Plateau

On the 6th day, you enjoy the atmosphere and natural beauty of the Dieng plateau

What will you enjoy there?

read this article Dieng Plateau Tour and Travel in One Day

In the afternoon around 15.00 pm, you return to Yogyakarta to prepare yourself

because tomorrow morning you have to leave for East Java

Day 7- Heading to Mount Bromo, East Java

East Java is the Eastern part of Java island and there are many beautiful tourist attraction

But we’ll be focusing on the one that is closest to where we staying, Mount Bromo

Why do we only focus on mount Bromo? because we need approximately seven-hour from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is an active volcano, which you can climb up to get a view of the sunrise from it’s peak

What can you enjoy on Mount Bromo?

read this articleBromo Mountain-Paradise in east java

Day 8 – Mount Bromo

on this 8th day you will spend time around Mount Bromo

starting in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise then proceeding to visit other tourist spots around Mount Bromo

Day 9 back to Jakarta

on the 9th day, you must return to Jakarta and prepare yourself to return to your respective countries

you can spend the last day in Indonesia enjoying the atmosphere of the city of Jakarta

Btw if you need any information about the hotel or public transportation or budget feel free to ask me via Tawkto in the right corner below, thanks





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